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John McAuley is a Gippsland based architect specialising in Residential, Public and Commercial design. Born and raised in Gippsland, John has over 20 years local & international industry experience.  After graduating from RMIT with first class honours in 2001, John worked for a number of Australia’s most recognised architectural practices, before registering as an Architect in 2006.  John McAuley Architecture was established in 2010 and operates out of a modern studio in Bunyip, West Gippsland.

"The starting point for every project is the same: we listen."

A project doesn’t commence with a pre-conceived aesthetic or building appearance in mind. John believes listening to and understanding clients’ needs is the starting point for any design.

A typical design process then progresses in the following stages;

1. Concept Design Stage

The aim of this stage is to explore multiple design options with a view to arriving at a preferred design. Commencing with an analysis of the site and authorities requirements, a series of hand sketches, functional diagrams and plan concepts are typically explored. I often refer to this process as being a bit like a tennis match – ideas bounce around back and forth between client and architect ensuring we explore all possibilities to deliver a uniquely tailored solution.  Following review, discussion and further refinement, this stage concludes when the preferred design is clearly defined.

2. Detailed Design Stage

This is the stage where the preferred design is developed and refined to meet your requirements. This stage finalises the ‘look’ of the building and all the materials and finishes to be used. The documentation produced will include floor plans & elevations, and any other documentation to adequately explain the design such as 3d views. Whilst not yet ready for construction, The Documentation produced at this stage will be of sufficient detail to submit for Town Planning approval (if required) and generate a cost of works estimate.

3. Documentation Stage

In this stage I will produce the working drawings and technical documentation necessary to invite tenders from builders, obtain a Building Permit, and to use in construction.  The documentation produced in this stage will typically include measured site plans, floor plans, ceiling plans, roof plan, elevations & sections, joinery layout drawings and a technical specification describing the works and materials. I will also coordinate and incorporate the work of the specialist consultants, such as the structural engineer, energy rater, etc.


Underpinning every project are the principles of modern Australian passive design; buildings that are open to light, that invite winter sun and naturally shade summer heat, that connect to views and aspect, that ventilate naturally, that integrate with landscape & context, and that are economical in their scale, materiality, buildability and ongoing operation.  Drawing on extensive training and industry experience, John McAuley Architecture provide architectural design and documentation services, to meet the functional needs & aspirations of our clients.


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